How To Add Facebook Messenger To WordPress Website

Are you looking to add facebook messenger to website?

Live Chat Boxes are all over. I am sure you have already observed it many of the website and blogs.

And there is a valid reason why such chat boxes are being so imperative part of the websites. People want to connect with the website or blog owner directly, instead of pushing the emails, which could be get hidden in the inboxes.

And as social platforms are so emerging and everyone is engaging with the news feed continuously, do it’s completely make sense to add a messenger button to website.

Check out the Facebook active users stats!

facebook active users

Yes, here we are talking about Facebook. How about embedding Facebook chat on the Website to connect well with your readers.

As Facebook is the most used social website with more than 2 billion active users while writing this post.

Let’s get into the action and quickly get an awesome Facebook messenger chat box on your WordPress website.

How To Add Facebook Messenger to Website

There are several ways to add Facebook chat to your website. And when there are a handful of options, it’s not easy to pick one.

If one is techy and got at coding, they can do so by creating a proper facebook chat widget.

And on the other hand, Facebook Official Developer website also encourages users by providing the code and add it manually to their website from the Facebook Page Plugin section.

Though, there are tools and WordPress plugins to add chat box with an ease.

Here we are about to achieve more user connecting website with the help of WhatsHelp Chat Button.

I found it quite easier and convenient if you would not like to add codes to and make it heavier and tedious.

Embed Facebook Chat box to website

Once Installed and Activated WhatsHelp WordPress Chat Plugin. You will be able to see its addition in the WordPress Dashboard.

  • Click on the WhatsHelp chat button from the Dashboard, you will find a box empty, where we need to provide the code.
  • To get the code, click on the link provided on the same page
  • Scroll a bit down, the unit you see this section “Get a Free Button in Three Simple Steps
add facebook chat button
  • Input your facebook page link, where you would like to be contacted through messenger.

Apart from Facebook messenger that, they provide many other services as well

  • Facebook Messenger Chat
  • Fully Responsive Design,
  • WhatsApp Chat
  • Viber
  • Snap Chat
  • Line
  • Telegram
  • Vkontakte
  • SMS Messaging
  • Phone Call and
  • Email System

Impressive, isn’t it?

Though, we are here to add Facebook chat to WordPress, so we will choose that by clicking on it.

Note: Don’t Opt for too many, go with 1 – 2, not to confuse the readers and too many buttons make the website looks ugly.

  • Scroll a bit down and Start Customizing the messenger Button Appearance.
customize facebook chat button

Add your Company Logo URL, Showing a pleasing greeting message and position(Left or Right) of the button.

Tip: Placing a floating messenger button at right will work better

This will show a button live preview as well on the same page which helps to customize better.

Once done, scroll bit down to grab the code for embedding the messenger button.

  • Copy the code and Add the code to your WordPress website WP Dashboard – WhatsHelp – And paste it the blank box.

Please Look into the image for better insights.

whatshelp code
  • Finally hit the Save Changes Button.

And you are done, refresh your website page and you will start seeing the Facebook Chat Messenger button.

Check out the live Preview, how it will appear on your WordPress website.

chatbox preview

This is the smart way of adding Facebook messenger button to the website and connect with the readers uninterrupted.

The process would be same for every messenger button.

Messenger, Email or WhatsApp works better according to me. But, choose anyone, highly recommended.

Is is important do Add Facebook chat box

This is the matter of choice if the webmaster wanted to do so. Or even  which messenger they want to add to their WordPress website.

Tip: If it is a service based website, it is highly recommended to get the Facebook chat button.

Certainly quickest and effective way to communicate with the team behind the website and the person behind the blog. Who doesn’t wants to save some valuable time.

So, Which Messenger button you are going to Add to your website?

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Authored by Navin Rao

A blogger and with a go-getter attitude Navin is a web geek and loves to write about WordPress. Able to guide even a non-techie to maintain a WordPress website through his walkthrough tutorials on WordPress.

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10 thoughts on “How To Add Facebook Messenger To WordPress Website”

  1. thanks navin i am very happy with your post, earlier i used other types of live chat on my website but i didn’t hear about messenger after reading your article i am going to use this.

    • Hey Ansari, glad it helped… It is a quick way to be connected with the audience and highly recommended if you offer any service through your website.

      Have a great day ahead!

  2. Hi Navin,
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful information. Even up to now i know how add facebook messenger and other social media chats to website. I will add now.

  3. Seems the new wordpress update doesn’t allow Whatshelp to embed into the site. I kept getting errors or unable to save the widget whether I code it manually or uses the plugins.

    • Hello Michael, after your comment I have tried this on my live website and local host too once again with the updated version of WordPress. But, still its working fine at my end.
      Please, mention the error you are facing, so that I could help you on the same. Don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

      Have a great day

  4. This is a helpful tutorial bro. I see more Live chat boxes popping up via blogs and also, on Facebook itself, whenever I visit a Page for the first time. Intuitive and helpful, this trend will continue to gain steam as we move forward.

    • Yeah Ryan, Chatbots have been picked up the momentum and will continue doing so, as the automation is unstoppable. And adding a facebook messenger to the website is always going to be a great idea and being convenient for both the parties.

    • That means while pasting you are breaking the code while editing the core files you need to be cautious. Make sure you are doing it right, alternatively you can also use “code snippet” plugin to dump the code.


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