How To Change WordPress Username For Extended Security

Wondering, how to change WordPress admin username from the default one? Here we will see three ways you can easily change your existing WordPress username to a new one.

WordPress is the largest CMS used all around the Worldwide.

But, it shows a lot of tantrums, and we need to pamper it all the time. Isn’t it?

haha.! Jokes apart, let’s come into the main business.

Popularity is always been misused. As said WordPress is the most used CMS, so hackers can’t stop putting their hands-off from it.

In such scenarios, defending and securing the site should be the Priority for any site owner. Doesn’t matter small or big site.

In order to protect your WordPress website, you might already be using strong Passwords for your logins. But, how about changing those boring usernames as admin.

Common and boring right? Exactly, that’s the reason it’s could be guessed too. How about changing that WordPress username?

Let’s not wait before it gets too late. Change WordPress username to add an extra layer of protection. In fact, Earlier we have already shown how you could set up WordPress two-factor authentication for some more security.

How To Change WordPress Username

There are three ways to change the Admin username,

  • Change the WordPress admin username using a plugin.
  • Creating a new user and deleting the old one.
  • Changing the username via PhyAdmin

Though we are in hurry, let’s go through the easier ones in ascending order. Let’s do it.

Change WordPress Username using Plugin

Download the plugin called username changer

Default Username

By default, you won’t be able to change your username, and the section will be inactive if your head over to Users – Your Profile. In order to make it active, we need to follow the below steps.

Step 1.  Install and activate the plugin in your WordPress.

Change Username

Step 2. Once the plugin is activated, navigate back to  Users – Your Profile, now you will be able to see the active Change Username

Step 3. Hit that Change Username link and change it according to your preference.

WordPress Username Changed

Note: Make sure it should be unique, unguessable as the purpose behind changing it. The above one is just to show an example. But you should look for the best one.

This process works quite fast and quick to change the WordPress username. And if you are concerned about using too many plugins, here is the best part, once the username is changed you can even remove the plugin.

Change your WordPress Username – Creating New Admin

Even this process is quite simple, as the above one, here we are about to create a new WordPress admin

Step 1. From the WordPress Dashboard, navigate to UsersAdd New

This will open a window, where you can add all the details to create the new user. Providing all the required details, making sure that the new username is unique.

WodPress User roles

Step 2. Click on Add new user button, make sure to select Administrator from the drop-down.

This will add a new user as an administrator. So now you will be having two administrators for your WordPress site. And you need to delete the older username.

Step 3. Click on Users – All Users, from your dashboard, this will show all the users of the WordPress website.

Delete WordPress User

Step 4. click on the delete link button, to delete the older user. This will open up a window

Step 5. Select the Attribute all content to, and select the new user from the drop-down.

This will delete the old user and transfer all the attributes to the new username. Yay! you have changed your user name,

Yay! you have changed your username, check out the below additional method below to do the same few scenarios.

Change WordPress Username in Database – phpMyAdmin

In this method, we are about to make the changes directly in the database. don’t panic. Though the above options are the simple ones, still, this good to know about this as well

Though the above options are the simple ones, still, it’s good to know about this as well. Because could be some circumstances, when you might not able to login into the WordPress dashboard.

Reasons could be anything

  • lost your username
  • lost your password

In these cases changing the login credentials, from your WordPress database is the only option. Let’s get into.

Step 1. Log in to your control panel.

Cpanel Database

Step 2. From the Control panel, look for the Database section, and click on phpMyAdmin.

This will redirect to your phpMyAdmin, your WordPress database area.

Step 3. Choose the desired database from the left side of the screen, and click on it.

This will show you all the database tables of the particular website. And most probably all the tables would be on any particular prefix which you have set while installing WordPress. Like wp_.

That means every table will start with the name wp_

Step 4. Find wp_users among those, and click on it.

WP Users

Step 5. Click on Edit now.

This will show a table, where you would be able to find the username, password, etc.

Php admin username

Step 6. Now, you can easily edit the user_login details.

Once you have chosen a unique one, instead of that boring admin, Click on the Go button. This will save the details and change the WordPress username.

I am sure this article helped you to know how you could change the WordPress admin username easily. It’s always recommended to keep on changing the username and password as well.

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