How To Cleanup WordPress Database to SpeedUp Your Website

Optimizing your WordPress site is crucial, and must be done in every possible way you can. Simply Cleanup WordPress Database and you will be able to see improvement in the site performance. This should be done quite often to get rid of unwanted junk. And maintaining the process will definitely enhance the performance of the site.

Saying unwanted junk meant those files which get created automatically and are of no use, but still lying in your WordPress database. So, there is no point in keeping those, isn’t it?  Now it’s good to know what are those.

What to CleanUp from WordPress Database to Improve the Performance

  • Spam Comments
  • Revisions
  • Deleted comments
  • Uninstalled Plugins data(files)
  • Duplication Comments data
  • Deleted Posts
  • Auto Drafts
  • Tables etc.

Now, all unwanted data occupies a lot of space in the database and makes the site heavy. Resulting in your website slows down.

Clear the WordPress Revisions Regularly

Below is an example of WordPress revisions gets created every time you edit the posts. These should be cleaned as the post is published.

Note: These WordPress revisions show below is from a single post. Just assume the number of revisions it will create for all your posts. And what could be the impact of it on your website if you don’ clear it?

In fact, why someone will require the older WordPress revisions after the post got published. Isn’t it?

Speeding up the website and maintaining it should be the priority. Deleting all these will result in quicker backups as well.

And this can be done only by proper database maintenance. Let’s take a look how to clean up the WordPress database quickly.

Note: It’s always wise to take a backup of the entire site before putting your hands on modifying something.

Before getting into the process, check out the result of it below in the red color in each category. These all are unrequired elements and should be cleared from the WP database.

I am really impressed with this process of database optimization.

CleanUp your database and Speed up WordPress Site

WordPress might offer several plugins for cleanup the database. But, according to the experience, I found that WP Sweep and WP Optimize are the best one so far.

Here we are going to use the WP Sweep to check and clear the increased database size.

This plugin will look into you entire database and filter out each element separately into the categories.

  • Post Sweep
  • Comment Sweep
  • User Sweep
  • Term Sweep
  • Option Sweep
  • Database Sweep

How to Cleanup WordPress Database

I was using another plugin to get this done but really impressed after installing WP sweep. Although, you might want to know how to clean up the WordPress database manually. But, that could be time-consuming and could be a little tricky for the new WordPress users. Hence for this tutorial, we are going to use the best plugin to clean WordPress database for better speed, I came across.

Step 1. Download and Install the WP-Sweep plugin.

As we can see above those kinds of unused files with a huge number and it slows down the website too.

Step 2. Once activated it can locate from ToolsSweep


Now go through one by one to clean up the database individually by hitting the Sweep button.

If you are sure to clear out all unwanted data you can hit the Sweep All button from the bottom of the page, and that will clear all at once.

Note: It is always good to keep the habit of cleaning up the database regularly. It will definitely enhance the performance of the website. And the best part, it just takes a few seconds to do this database sweep. In fact, I would say it better to Add to your To-Do checklist.

Because every time you edit any post, a lot of WordPress revisions and tables etc. gets created. Which uses resources while the page loads. Which is obviously not required

Though, you can limit the revisions as well. But at times while editing post revisions can be a big help for reverting the action if something goes wrong.

Keep some good amount of revisions while writing a post, just in case. But make sure that you clean WordPress database before publishing it. As you might not require those junk revisions anymore.

You can use any good wordpress database cleanup plugins to do the task. Along with WP-Sweep, my other preferred database plugin is WP-Optimize. Does the job well.

Following this tip would be drastically improve the blog performance.

Do Let’s know which one you are using to cleanup the WordPress Database?

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