CloudWays Review: SpeedUp your website with Free Trial

With the advancement in technology, there are multiple platforms that offer a user with so many great features. Hence decided to make Cloudways review as it’s best ones to consider as it continues implement and use advanced technologies to serve better in the web hosting industry.

It is known to be a platform that is acting as a service company and who provides you the platform where you can manage the applications which are hosted on cloud service.

It is necessary that whenever you are looking forward to using the Cloudways you are aware of how to use it.

You cannot use it easily because some expertise is also required to get familiar with it. Though, that’s not difficult too. Although, Cloudways basic plan starts from $10, but they offer a trial plan if you are not confident enough.

How Cloudways is different from another Hosting Providers?

Cloudways managed hosting

There are multiple parameters which make Cloudways different platform from other hosting providers.

If you are not aware of the same, then hear some of the factors that are mentioned that will help you to get a clear idea about it.

Select Your Server

cloudways servers
cloudways servers

You can select your server by yourself amongst,

  • DigitalOcean
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Vultr
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Linode

Traditional Hosting vs Cloudways

  • When it comes to getting available with affordability and functionality to an extent than Cloudways is the right platform.
  • If one wants to get available with fully managed hosting and promise without any trouble, then also Cloudways is considered to be the best one to consider.
  • This is one of the first platforms available not like the slow loading WordPress sites. Also, there is no need for a user to face the headache as they get in WordPress hosting.
  • Some additional features are also available that are best to conclude about speed, security, and performance. All these features will not only make it a reliable choice but different from other hosting providers available.

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Not to say your existing trial server or live server can be scaled or updgaded after making the choice.

server management

More About Cloudways

If you wish to understand more about Cloudways it is necessary for you to understand the types of hosting at the very first.

This will help you to understand why Cloudways is considered to be the right platform for you and how it is serving you in the best manner. These are:

Services Offered by Cloudways

Cloudways add server

After getting a Cloudways login, all customers can add “servers” to their account at any time.

The customer can add services from cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud Platform, and Vultr.

Based on the provider and disk space you choose, Cloudways will set up a cloud-based virtual server. It usually takes under a minute.

Managed Services

Well its not just about WordPress, cloudways extends their support for other major content management systems(CMS) as well,

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • Drupal
  • PrestaShop

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Honest Feedback – Good and Bad About Cloudways

When it comes to looking at the platform which is offering you with so many features there might be chances that some advantages and disadvantages are also linked with it.

If you wish to know more about it then here everything considering the same is mentioned which will help you to understand it more appropriately.

Pros of cloudways

  • Speed – The performance that will be offered to you by cloud-based is also very amazing in terms of speed. offered is also very impressive and there will be no need for a user to feel like that there is something which is letting them feel disappointed in any case.
  • Security – The security offered by Cloudways robust too. They offer you two-factor authentication, Dedicated Firewalls, IP Whitelisting, Bot Protection, Regular Security Patching. These are known to be an effective method that will ensure the security of your site.
  • Big Community – Cloudways offers you with Team collaboration as well. Collaborating feature is available which will help you to interact with others easily without any hassle you will be able to do it. There is no need for a user to pay even a single penny for collaboration as well.

Cons of cloudways

  • Cloudways is not available with any traditional Cpanel or Plesk. And this lets them take their comfort zone and then able to use it.
  • Cloudways is not available with any domain name registration as well. If one is looking forward to using the Cloudways hosting it is necessary that they are purchasing a domain name in advance.
  • It has also been seen that multiple control panels are used for hosting which creates sometimes trouble to the users who are new to it.

Nutshell – Cloudways Review

Apart from it when it comes to looking forward to Cloudways review there are so many things which make it important to review it. Here a few of the factors are mentioned that will help you to understand whether it is the right choice for you or not.

Let’s talk about Cloudways Reliability

Everyone wants that whenever they are choosing any of the hosting providers they are available with the best and Cloudways is one of the reliable platforms available.

There will be no need for a user to feel like there will be anything that can let them feel disappointed in any case.

What about Cloudways Pricing

Cloudways let the user start with a 3 days Trial itself. Sometimes it is not necessary that you are available with a very good budget to invest in any of the hosting providers.

If you are available with a nominal budget then the plans which are decided by Cloudways are also very amazing. Although, there are four servers to choose from. Lets talk about the procing of Digital Ocean, which is very common.

Is Cloudways User-friendly?

Everyone wants that they are available with a user-friendly platform to get available with the best and take and easily use it.

The Cloudways a user will not feel disappointed in the manner of the interface.

The interface of Cloudways is also user-friendly and the user will be able to understand it easily. But make sure you are aware of how to use it effectively.

Is Cloudways Features are good enough?

Features are also a must to consider whenever a user is looking forward to using a platform.

cloudways application management
cloudways application management and features

If it is not offering you certain features considering security, collaboration, and additional things, then this is not the right choice for you.

And Cloudways is known to be the hub for all these features.

Cloudways Support:

Cloudways is considered to support as well. You will not feel like there are things that are letting you feel disappointed in any case. Techy support replies immediately and sees the concern gets solved.

  • Support is available at any point of time 24×7.
  • Tickets can be raised within the portal as well as per convenience of the user.

Overall it is to be concluded that Cloudways is the right portal for everyone who is looking forward to the best hosting provider for their website.

Frequently Asked questions on Cloudways: Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

Is Cloudways worth?

Cloudways is known to offer free trial so that a user will be able to understand the interface, performance and their support. This helps a new user to conclude whether this is the right choice or not.

Does Cloudways have Cpanel?

Cloudways don’t use cpanel. But it has a insteresting and user friendly dashboard to navigate around. Cloudways is one of the best cloud hosting service.

How much does Cloudways cost?

Cloudways, basic plan with digital ocean starts right from $10, that is nothing in compare to the performance it provides.

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