How to Download WordPress theme from Dashboard

Assume you haven’t taken a backup of the theme and installed it right away after purchasing it. And now you want that theme, what now?

Don’t worry, we can download the WordPress theme from any FTP client or CPanel as well. But, what in case you can’t access even those because of any technical reasons?

so, it is always good to have a second option. In fact, the easier one than accessing it from FTPs. There could be several reasons why you want to download theme

  • Maybe you want to use the same theme for your other website,
  • Maybe you want to share the theme with someone, or
  • Even taking a backup of the theme could also be always a wise thing to do.

Download theme from WordPress Dashboard

WordPress plugins are always a big help, and WordPress user can not deny it. And fortunately here too it comes into the picture as it is the easier way too.You just need to know which plugin does the job for you. Let’s jump into and get it done quickly.

You just need to know which plugin does the job for your requirement. Let’s jump into and get it done quickly.

wpclone template plugin

Step 1. Install a plugin called WP-Clone Template.

This plugin creates a clone of your existing theme including the settings.

Once installed the plugin, you would be able to see a new option Export in the Appearance Menu.

export themes

Step 2. Switch to AppearanceExport in you WordPress Dashboard.

Step 3. Select the desired template which you want to export from the drop-down.

Step 4. Click on the Export button, to download the WordPress theme.

This will just take a few seconds and your theme will be downloaded for your further uses.

Plugins make the work so easier. Isn’t it a simple way to download the theme from WordPress admin?.

Instead of accessing its other methods. If you cracked another way, apart from Admin and FTP, do share the new method with us.

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