How To Embed Facebook Post in WordPress Blog or Page

Everyone is keen to Embed social feed on their website or blog, isn’t? It’s very obvious as embeds beautify the post and look very effective.

Here we are about to learn how to embed Facebook status posts in WordPress blog posts. This process can be applied to any CMS you use.

Facebook is the giant social platform with uncounted visits, so it’s quite obvious they will be sharing a lot of stuff, which might be worth embedding.

For Instance, you are describing something in your blog post and what could if you a social proof as well to the audience. It will definitely make an impact.

Everyone would like to see such kind of live embed along with the regular content.

Before, getting into how to embed facebook post in your website, let’s go further and understand what does Embed mean.

What does Embed mean on Facebook

If one has to put it in simple words, by embedding we are linking WordPress to Facebook post. It means any changes happens takes place in Facebook that will reflect on your blog post page as well.

For testing, you can give a try getting into the QuestionCage Facebook Page as well.

Do some changes there hitting the like button and all  I and reload the post page, you will observe the change in the post.

Note: Remember, you can embed those post only which are shared publicly, not the restricted ones. You can pick any of post from the Facebook live feed which shared publicly or even yours.

Let me show you a better insight, how you can check whether the post is being shared publicly or not.

How To Embed Facebook Status in WordPress: Method1

Hover the mouse on the Globe icon located below the post, it shows the status of the post, have a glance towards the below image.

questioncage post

So once you find the status of the post, you are good to go.

Step 1. Click on the Down arrow icon of the post from the right corner, it will open a drop down.

Step 2. Now click on Embed option, it will give you one more pop-up window with the code.

facebook embed code

Step 3. Now copy the code, and Go to your WordPress Text tab.

Step 4. Paste the code where you would want to see that facebook embed post in your website. check out the below image for better insights.

facebook embed code in wordpress

Note: You can also change the width and the height of the Facebook post in the embed code, shown in the image above.


For a demo, below is one of the Facebook embedded posts.

In the same way, you can embed facebook video on the website as well. Isn’t it so simple?

And if you hesitate to touch the codes, there is an alternate way as well. Let’s see that as well.

Embed Facebook post using plugin : Method 2

This is the easiest way to do embed Facebook status. As all you need to do is install the official Facebook plugin for WordPress and simply activate it.

After installing the plugin,

Step 1. Go to the Facebook post which you would like to Embed, every Facebook status post has an individual link, to get that click on the timestamp(date), it will provide you the link for the same.

Step 2. Copy that link and paste it where you want to embed that post in the visual editor, and you are done.

Note: Check for the preview, you would be able to see the live embedded status post in your website.

Both the ways of embedding the facebook posts are easy, isn’t it? Now, it’s up to you which you would like to go with.

Generally, I prefer the manual one. You can do it on any website, you might be observed embed posts in many of the news websites.

Facebook is one of the largest social platforms, In fact, it’s in the third position after and YouTube.

You can also embed your Twitter feeds, we have also created a tutorial on how to embed a tweet in WordPress Post. Do check out and make your posts eye-catching.

Do let us know in the comment section below if you have any queries. And do share this on social media.

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