How To Embed Google Form in WordPress Quickly

Anyone would like to embed Google Form in WordPress. As they are just amazing, no question about it.

If you are new to Google Forms, then you should understand Google Forms and its amazing features.

Google Forms helps out collecting reviews, opinions or making polls for your user to improvise your product respectively.

Though there are lots of WordPress plugins out there that can also do the job. But if you would like to do embed Google forms in WordPress without a plugin, you have landed on the right page.

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It is super easy to embed Google Forms into WordPress or any website. How does that sound? live reviews, polls, opinions from the visitors itself,  any website owner would love to get those to scale their business further. Let’s hop into and see how we could embed google forms in WordPress.

Why should You Embed Google Form in WordPress

It’s Super light, and moreover, it allows collecting information from the users or readers to any of your desired pages.

It means just create a Google Spreadsheet and link it to the Google Forms.

So, that all the inputs from Google Forms will be updated in Google Spreadsheet in your desired format.

Here are few examples of it, pick any of them to add Google Forms to WordPress. But the process would be the same for any platform.

google form templates

Creating a Google Form is quite simple and can be done with a few minutes.

Now before getting into the embedding procedure of Google Forms. I believe you have already created a form going through the above links.

How to Add Google Forms in WordPress Website

We are not going to use any plugins out here, as Google offers the IFRAME code right in the Google Forms section.

Make sure you are in the edit mode of the Google Form, to access the code. Your Google Form might look like the below image.

create google form
  1. Click on the Send Button.
Now this will pop-up a window, where you would be able to see plenty of options to share the newly created Google Form.

Send via

Now, its time to choose how do you want to send a form

send form

Mail –
Here you can directly compose an email, adding the recipient, subject line, and the message body and finally Hit the Send Button. It is complete looks like an Email Format.

Create Link – This will create a link for the form, which can be shared via messengers, email, etc. As you don’t have to give access to the recipient, anyone with the form link can respond. This makes it even better, regarding security.

Embed Code – Here we can Get the Iframe code, which can be used to Embed Google Forms
We can also share the form on social platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter.

google form embed code
  1. Copy that Code and paste it into the “Text Editor” on your WordPress website. Either post or page where you would like it to appear.
google form in wordpress editor

Note: You can also mention the Width and Height of the form according to your post area, which would be in pixels as can be seen in the above image.

Just by following these simple steps, you would be able to embed the Google Form on your WordPress website. As mentioned the process would be the same for any platform.

Check out the demo of the Embedded Google Forms below,

Google Forms are trending, light, efficient and are able to customize the way you want with the existing features.

The new Google Forms looks quite rich and professional, so adding it to the website provides good value to the reader. And the same time website owner could get their valuable feedback through the Google Forms for their products.

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