How to Embed a Tweet in WordPress Post or Page

Twitter is the platform where you could find many of the influencers. And if you follow them, then you could find that they quote a tweet quite regularly. And you might be likely to embed a tweet in WordPress blog post. Isn’t it?

If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. We are about to see how to embed a tweet in your WordPress. We have also explained earlier, the two ways to embed Facebook posts in WordPress, you might be also interested in that.

In Twitter it’s super easy, as WordPress has some inbuilt functionality for twitter to embed without using any plugins. For embedding tweets, you would need only a link to the tweet posts. Let’s get this into action.

How to Embed a Tweet in WordPress Post using URL

Show tweets on WordPress in just a few steps, as said its super easy.


Step 1. Select a tweet which you want to embed, and click on the Timestamp.

Upon clicking on the timestamp, you will observe that the tweet pops up and creates a unique URL.

It might look something like the below image.

embed tweet in wordpress

Step 2. Copy the URL and paste it into your WordPress blog post where you want the Embed tweet for your website. And guess what, you are done. As said it’s super easy. Let’s take a look in one more method.

Embed a Tweet in WordPress Post using Code

The above way is the easiest one, but still there is an alternate method too, and it’s good to know that as well. Here you can use the code to embed tweets in your post.

Step 1. Take any of the tweets and click on the down arrow from the right side corner of it.

Step 2. Now click on the embed option from the drop down, it will give you a pop-up containing the code.

embed tweet code

Step 3. Copy the code in the box, and paste in into your WordPress text area. And you would be able to see the preview right away. Check out the demo below, you will observe reply, re-tweet, like and follow buttons got active right in WordPress website.

You can embed videos from Twitter as well, following the same method. It’s quick and easy and makes the post looks cool. I am quite sure now you are good to go after reading this tutorial.

As said it’s quite common to embed tweets on websites. And every webmaster should do for putting up some social proofs.

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