HostArmada Review 2021: Is it worth all the NOISE?

You need to be picky while choosing a hosting provider for your website. I found HostArmada, exceptionally well. Hence, thought of reviewing it in detail.

It offers great speed for your website without overspending. We will discuss more further in this, why this could be the best hosting solution in this HostArmada Review.

You need an optimized WordPress hosting with server-level cache and advanced technology to grow further. It’s better for the user experience as well as to get more page views.

I understand within the huge arena of hosting providers, HostArmada is the new entrant. But that definitely not make them less worthy. They are using the best technology to make the hosting experience better. In fact, HostArmada is creating a buzz around.

HostArmada Review 2021: Must check Before Starting a blog

Well, I am not talking in the air, I am using their services for some time. In fact, this blog is hosted on HostArmada. You can see the speed they offering right now.

Hence, I thought it would be great to share my point of view and experiences with HostArmada. Following that, I am also going to share a step by step process for creating your website with HostArmada.

And a bonus HostArmada coupon as well to get a 75% discount on HostArmada hosting(all plans).

Types of Web Hosting by HostArmada

  • WordPress Hosting – Powerful and specially optimized
  • SSD Shared Hosting – Versatile in purpose, unmatched in performance
  • SSD Cloud VPS Hosting – KVM Virtualized private servers
  • Dedicated CPU Server Hosting – Dedicated CPU Cloud solutions for optimal power
  • OpenSource Hosting – Optimized for Open Source web apps
  • Development Hosting – Bundled with tools for web developers

Key Features: Why should you Choose HostAramda

Do you like speed, security for your website? Moreover, do you like freebies.

I do it those. Who doesn’t. 🙂

HostArmada offers quality Freebies with its even very affordable plans. There a many, which will help you reduce the cost of starting a blog or website with them.

  • A FREE Domain name, even with a basic plan
  • Free website migration service – FREE migration, even if you have multiple sites.
  • Complimentary CDN, their support will help in setting up too.
  • Free SSL, take help in setting up if required
  • Fewer accounts per server for speed and security too.
  • Web server cache, Brotli Compression too for faster website loading
  • Absolute Free Cpanel, even at an affordable price for easy use
  • You are FREE to choose a server location from their multiple data center
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Bulletproof security – Automated daily backups, Robust Security with advanced security tools like malware protection, the firewall prevents multiple types of attacks SQL injections, DDO’s, XSS, and more.
  • 24/7 customer support accessible via email, phone, ticket, and live chat

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1. Advance level Technology used by HostArmada Hosting

It’s wise to see the technology used by your Hosting Provider before opting for it. Well, when it comes to HostArmada the server technology and Infrastructure.

Their Cloud SSD servers are able to make your website load even faster. An HostArmada is also into Linode infrastructure powered by LiteSpeed (Speed Reaper Plan). I love it the most.

Accelerate site performance with HostArmada’s SSD storage, LiteSpeed, and auto Load Speed Optimization technology and server-level cache system.

2. Server Location Provided by Hostarmada

One of the crucial aspects to consider is before choosing your hosting provider is Server locations.

Certainly seems HostArmada knows it very well, as they have perfectly equipped with multiple servers across the globe.

hostarmada data centers

HostArmada server locations are in,

  • USA West Fremont, CA
  • South Canada Toronto, ON
  • USA Central Dallas, TX
  • USA East Newark, NJ
  • Europe London, UK
  • Europe Frankfurt, DE
  • Bangalore India, IN
  • Asia Singapore, SG
  • Sydney Australia, AU

Having multiple server locations you are free to choose the server location while signing up for a hosting account.

Tip: Choose a location nearest to your target audience. And if you are like me who prefer to target the audience across the world, then you can prefer USA Central Dallas, TX

3. Speed of HostArmada

Well, speed matters. No matter what kind of website you have, a blog, a business website, e-commerce, etc.

If the website is not loading faster enough, you are just wasting your time online. We all know that a search engine like Google gives enough weight-age of a page loading speed to rank higher.

HostArmada Speed Test GTMetrix,

gtmetrix test after hostarmada

Probably scores would not matter much, but it minimized the requests and Total page size drastically and fully loaded time, less than a second. 🙂

I was impressed. Well, the test conducted just after switching to HostArmada from my previous host. No further optimizations at all.

I am with their SpeedReaper Plan, powered by LiteSpeed for provides best performance.

Speed is important for any website. There are several benefits to it. Instead of mechanical hard disks, HostArmada SSD storage uses flash-based memory. And Brotli compressions help the webpages to load faster.

Benefits of having Fast Loading Website,

  • Better Search Engine Ranking
  • Improve User Experience
  • More Pageviews
  • Reduced Bounce Rate
  • Customer Retention and Credibility
  • More Conversions

Here is a speed test of website Server Response Time

bitcatcha hosting server test

In short, cloud hosting like HostArmada is easy to get equipped with, as it’s affordable, provides speed, and budget-friendly too.

Your website speed and performance will realistically go better without any further optimizations at all. And adding to their inbuilt server-level security tools will create a shield around your website.

4. Understand HostArmada Security Level

After the performance, my second concern is always security. Being your business online, security should be the priority.

As taking any webmaster concern, they offer bulletproof security and divided into two aspects to understand it closely, web server security and environmental security. Certainly, both are crucial.

hostarmada security

Now let’s dive into and check the security features offered by HostArmada. Like other hosting providers, they do offer Free SSL certificates and some other basic features.

HostArmdada does offer daily backups for all plans. And also major deployment of a firewall application. This Web Application Firewall Solution (WAF) prevents your website from SQL injections and XSS attacks.

Quick snapshot of the Security System

  • Connections Level Limits
  • Requests Checking Service
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Static Files Checking
  • DDoS Protection Service
  • Live Security Events Monitoring
  • Advanced Network Firewall and WAF
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System
  • Malware Scanning
  • Proactive Zero-day attack detection
  • OS Patch Management Feature

Apart from all these robust level securities, they have an autopatch system integrated for vulnerability in server level itself.

Regular backups and isolation system for all the user accounts for even shared hosting reduces the chances of vulnerabilities.

5. What about HostArmada Uptime / Downtime ?

Like other hosting providers HostArmada too claims 99.9% uptime. Well, I haven’t seen any downtime so far, using it for months now. I loved that.

Obviously, 100% uptime is great. No, the business wants to lose clients, nor a blogger would like to lose their readers because of bad servers.

hostarmada uptime

6. How Friendly is HostArmada Support?

After hosting performance, security, and pricing, support is always on my checklist before choosing any web hosting for my sites.

Although I am a DIY user, there are certain times when geeky and fast support could save a lot of time. Obviously, there are several things you might need help with. Fortunately, HostArmada’s support is very quick and technical too.

hostarmada support

The support is super friendly and responds in a few seconds. No bots, real human service. Certainly, the chat is quick and tickets to get responded instantly with a solution.

They do it all.

7. HostArmada Hosting Pricing Plans

Fast, reliable and secure Cloud SSD Web Hosting Packages for your WordPress website!

  • WordPress and SSD Shared Hosting Plans
Start dockWeb WarpSpeed Reaper
Space15 GB SSD30 GB SSD40 GB SSD
Price$3.99 / mo$4.69 / mo$5.66 / mo

8. HostArmada User Interface

Well, I understand a user interface might not important for many. But definitely, a good user interface would make the work faster and easier for beginners.

HostArmada probably doesn’t have the best interface, but I don’t care about it, as it’s best hosting in other aspects. So let’s see its hosting dashboard and access important links.

hostarmada dashboard

HostArmada User Reviews

While purchasing anything online, we must go through the real user views of the product.

Although HostArmada started in 2019, they already have many users and few share their honest reviews too. Let me populate a few of the user reviews from industry top-notch websites.

hostarmada user reviews
User Review at HostAdvice

HostArmada has been recommending by many users with the best ratings. Well, I would consider above 9.0 could be great for any product.

Special link for 75% discount on HostArmada (Apply coupon code NR75 in check out page)

Pros and Cons of the Hosting

I have mentioned each detail, which means a lot while choosing any hosting provider. Let me provide a quick snapshot for you to make your decision easier and choose a hosting as per your needs.

Pros of HostArmada

  • LiteSpeed Server for faster caching and fast loading
  • Free Domain with any hosting plan
  • FREE Migration
  • 9 Data Centres which is brilliant
  • Support help in SSL and CDN installation
  • Server Level Security (WAF, prevents DDO’s attacks and SQL injections)
  • Daily backups of the whole account
  • Competitive prices.
  • 45-days money-back guarantee
  • Kept on adding new ideas for improvisations

Cons of HostArmada

  • No monthly plans, one needs to get min. 1-year account (affordable enough)
  • For those who want to Resell the hosting – Reseller options aren’t available.


What is HostArmada?

A Web Hosting company started in 2019 and growing very fast. They offer advanced level technology and security system at an affordable cost.

Does HostArmada offer a free domain?

Yes, they do with all the plans.

How to install WordPress on HostArmada?

You can make a one click install through their cpanel. It is a cake walk.

Does HostArmada offer free SSL?

Yes, the do offer FREE SSL and help you in setting up too.

Does HostArmada also offer free WordPress website transfers?

Yes, the website transfers are absolutely FREE. Even if you have multiple sites, their support will do it swiftly. No extra cost.

How secure will my sites be with HostArmada WordPress Hosting service?

Website Security is important. Thankfully HostArmada prevents from all web security aspects Application Firewall Solution (WAF), DDoS) Attacks, SQL injections, and more.

How can I contact the HostArmada Technical Support Team?

You just need to open a ticket with the required details, they will contact you within a few mins. Other than that Chatbox could be even quicker. Email and phone calls are also available.

How Reliable is HostArmada’s WordPress Hosting?

Absolutely they are reliable with their advanced technologies. I can’t see any downtime till now, robust security, server-level cache, and many additional benefits. Recommended by giants in the industry too.

What are the plans available for HostArmada WordPress hosting?

There are three plans available in the WordPress Hosting category, Start Dock, Web Warp, and Speed Reaper. It should cost around $3.33/mo, $3.91/mo, and $4.72/mo This blog is in Speed Reaper plan.

Does HostArmada offer a coupon code?

By default, in occasions they might offer a 70% discount to the new customers. But, you can always apply our special coupon code NR75 and get 75% off on you account. Applicable on all plans.

Final thoughts on this HostArmada Review

Started in 2019, but came a long way in the people’s heart. Their quality service is the reason to serve the best at the most affordable cost.

Even the hosting experts considering HostArmada the most optimized yet very affordable web hosts in the industry. You need a rock-solid security system and speed booster servers, and HostArmada got it.

Take my words, it’s hard to find such optimization features that will make your website lighter and load fast at such a price. I am with their WordPress Hosting plan, Speed Reaper, and completely satisfied with it in all the terms.

Want to create a website. Don’t think much, HostArmada is the best reliable and affordable hosting provider for you.

Important: Don’t forget to use the HostArmada coupon code “NR75” to get an extra discount of 5%. (Generally, they offer a 70% discount, this coupon NR75 will give you 75%)

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