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Developing a website may not stress you a lot, but choosing web hosting could be. It can put you into a huge dilemma to choose the right one if you are not a tech freak. As thousands of options are available in the industry.

As, it is the hosted server at the end of the day that decides the speed, response, and security of the website.

You won’t be here if you are not in pursuit of a good web hosting service.

Before we take a plunge into the features of the web hosting service, let’s get to know what a website or web application would need in terms of technology and maintenance.

What a Website/Web application needs

Server Uptime

Uptime is the server’s capability of staying online without failure due to any heavy loads or traffic issues. Any web hosting service must give 99% uptime at least.

We cannot expect to get 100% as there would be issues arising in the physical hardware of the setup even due to climatic conditions.

Response time should matter

Server staying online is not the only factor considered to choose a server. The response time is one of the important considerations.

Response time is one of the reasons behind the speed of the website. No matter how good you develop or optimize your website, a bad responding server will load your website lately.

24×7 Customer Support

Support is obviously important when we run a website for our business. The customer care representatives should be ready to serve their customers at any time of the day or night.

Core Security of your websites

No matter how secure you develop a website, it would go in vain if you choose a hosting service that comes for a penny and with no security.

Generally, cheap hostings cannot provide proper security for the data on your website. So, always keep in mind that the security should be the first priority of your website.

What is Hostiserver?

HostiServer is a web hosting service provider that offers all typical types of web hosting options to their customers.

Their hosting solutions include Fully Managed Servers 24×7, VPN Servers, and Dedicated Servers. They also offer Online Server Backup services that help an individual or company back up their data securely online.

Why should you opt HostiServer for your business?

HostiServer offers fully managed to host services 24×7 along with speed optimization for websites and real-time monitoring. This is what every web hosting company says. Isn’t it? There is another word that Hostiserver gives, the money-back guarantees until 15 days.

Interesting? Let’s explore the full features of Hostiserver.

Features of Hostiserver

Hostiserver offers four types of services. They are VPS server hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, CDN server hosting and Backup services. The features of each type of hosting service are discussed below:

VPS Hosting Services

Virtual Private Server hosting is a traditional hosting of websites and applications in a shared fashion. The resources are divided between different websites and hosting accounts. This is a shared hosting plan and affordable compared to dedicated servers.+

managed vps hostiserver

Host server’s VPS hosting is suitable for small websites, blogs that get moderate traffic and those websites that need fewer resources.

All the VPS hosting servers are equipped with SSD hard disks to make the writing and reading of data faster.

The premium plans start from $20 per month on 2GB RAM, 50GB SSD storage and 3TB bandwidth to 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD and 6TB bandwidth pricing high at $80.

A customizable plan is also available according to the needs of the website or application. HostiServer is flexible in this aspect.

Every VPS Server of HostiServer includes the following features

  • Full technical support
  • Free migration
  • Initial setup
  • 10Mbps CDN
  • Unlimited backup storage
  • True KVM Virtualization
  • Real-time monitoring
  • 2 IPV4 & unlimited IPV6
  • Upgrade or downgrade facility

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

managed dedicated server hosting

Dedicated servers are those customized servers assigned to a particular web application of a website.

The reason why developers opt for dedicated servers is that they won’t share their resources with other applications so that it won’t experience any server lags while responding to the website visitor’s or web application user’s inputs at their end.

Hostiserver delivers a high-end experience for businesses according to their server requirements. They handle the workload on the server and continuously optimize the hosting environment to deliver high performance to websites or applications hosted.

Hostiserver’s dedicated server offers the following features:

  • A chance to choose the number of CPUs
  • Can choose the amount of RAM needed
  • Server location option
  • Hard disk type – HDD or SSD
  • Full technical support
  • Free migration
  • Initial setup
  • 1 Gbps port speed
  • 20 Mbps CDN included
  • 250 GB backup storage
  • 2 IPV4 & unlimited IPV6 and
  • Upgrade or downgrade flexibility

Hostiserver’s dedicated hosting plans range from $130 per month with Xeon E3-1230 V5 processor, 16GB RAM, 4 Core CPU, and 2x1TB HDDs and 20TB bandwidth to 2 Xeon E5-2630 V4 processor, 64GB RAM, 20 Core CPU, two 480GB SSD and 20TB bandwidth pricing at $357 per month.

Anycast CDN

Content Delivery Networks allow users from various global locations access the website or application hosted faster than the actual server.

anycast cdn

Generally, the access speed varies with the distant locations from the servers due to increased nodes of data transmission.

CDN servers solve this problem by arranging servers globally and redirecting the user of a particular location to that area-specific server for faster access.

HostiServer offers a 30-day free trial service of their CDN servers. The premium plans go according to the requirement and they range from $2/Mbps with 50Gb CDN storage and 100+ Mbps speed to $1.2/Mbps with 50Gb storage and 1000+ Mbps speed.

One can ask for their requirement as Hostiserver can provide bandwidth more than 1500 Mbps.

Frequent Backup of your website

Backups are very important even God’s providing a hosting service. You don’t know when the machine may turn against you.

It might be because of power failure, hardware worn-outs or new kind of malware that server’s security systems have not foreseen, any web hosted website or application must have a backup for easy retreats in case of aforementioned failures.

backup plans

HostiServer provides SSD hard disks even for backups to keep them easy and faster to access. There will no charges made for upload and download of backups. Hostiserver’s backup service includes the following features:

HostiServers Backup Hightlights

  • Faster data recovery
  • 24×7 support
  • Turn-key solutions
  • Enterprise RAID edition drives
  • Ability to choose the backup server

The premium plans for backup service starts from $10 per month with 250GB to $450 per month with 20TB storage options.

Technical Support

Support and after sale service is what gives peace of mind to the customer no matter how big the problem is.

hostiserver support

Hostiserver offers premium support plans with $50 per 12 hours as ongoing support and $7.5 per 15 minutes as on request basis.

You can choose your plan according to the seriousness of the problem and relax while the representatives do it for you.

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