How to find the publisher of a website – 6 Ways

Its pretty much common when we like a blog post, we also like to know who owns the website, or who is the published of a website or blog. This article explains how to find the publisher of a website in multiple ways.

Why Find the Publisher of a Website?

who is the site registered to. A publisher is the entity that controls a website or blog. The company can be a news organization, blogger, etc.

The publisher of a specific site is usually indicated by the source address which is usually at the top of the page. If you are unable to find this information, then it is likely that you are not on the right website or are looking in the wrong spot for it.

How to find the publisher of a website

1. Look for Contact Information on the Website (or look elsewhere)

One of the most important things a website owner needs to know is who made their website. You’ll need to find out who the publisher is if you ever plan on making changes to your site.

This information should be easy to find on your site’s “About” page or in the “Contact” section. If you plan on adding new content, you should contact the publisher before doing so unless they have given explicit permission for changes.

2. Google the Domain Name

This is a non-reverse domain name, which means that the publisher of the website can be found by looking at the domain and not going backwards to find any other information. The website in question is called

3. Look at the Author Bio Section

If you want to find a publisher of a blog or website. A common thing to check is the author bio section. Most of the time, a blog author details will be given under the blog post. Along with the social media icons as well.

Almost every WordPress blogs have that section present. As it indicates the authenticity of the blog, and moreover adds credibility to the author. Doesn’t matter its a single author blog or multi authored.

4. Check the WhoIs Data About a Website

When you want to make sure that a website or domain is what it seems to be, you can use Whois data. This data can provide information about who owns the website, when it was created, and where the company is located.

Well, lets start find the Whois Information for a Domain Name Using Site Tools.

Use Whois tools

Whois data is publicly available on a Whois lookup site for anyone to see. For example: if you type in “” into your browser, this will take you to a search engine that has access to Whois data for all domains on the internet.

This is where You Can Find Site’s Server IP Address Information too?

5. Check Legal pages to find the publisher of a website

Publishers are responsible for the content of a website. Some publishers are required to publish information about themselves on their site such as who they are and how they can be contacted. Knowing who the publisher is, may help you decide if you trust the site or not.

Most publishers will have a “Privacy Policy” section on their website, which should answer your questions about how they use data collected from visitors to their website.

6. Look at the Social Media presence of a website publisher

As said above about the author bio, Social media profiles are presented in the website or blogs. And why not, social media is the key to success for any publisher.

A strong social media presence can help them build relationships, increase traffic and potentially convert followers into customers. This blog post will look at the social media presence of a few different publishers and see which ones are doing the best job on each platform.

Hence you can swiftly find the publisher of a website blog from there to reach them out.

How do you find out who published a website?

On certain websites, author information can be found in the “About” section. If there isn’t a known author, begin the reference with the website’s title. The date when the content was last updated is the optimum date to utilise for a website. Otherwise, check for a copyright or a date of first publication.

How do you find the owner or publisher of a website?

Go through website’s About, Contact, and Our Team pages, as well as the legal sections, to learn more about the publisher, author, and company behind the website.

How to find the webmaster information of a website publisher?

You can check for indications from the registrant contact details using the Whois tool on the official ICANN website. With privacy registrations, this can be concealed, and you’ll only see choices to contact the registrar in cases of abuse. You can use some of the methods listed above to locate the publisher of a website you’re looking for. If you have any more advice or thoughts, please share them in the comments section below.

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