How To Install WordPress Plugins: Beginners Guide

If you have moved to WordPress, then you should know that plugins can be the real big help in your WordPress Journey.

You can find thousands of plugins, which does the job respectively. Both the kind of plugins are available premium and the free ones as well.

You can do almost anything with the help of plugins. You can add tables, optimize pages, shortcodes, and whatnot. And moreover, a plugin can install add Adsense on WordPress Blog as well. So it is important to know how to install a plugin in WordPress for any beginner.

Let us move on and get into action. It is not a painful job at all, we are just a few clicks away.

There are three ways to do so, via search, by uploading and also manually by using FTP Client and pushing the file to the wp-content plugins directory.

First two ways are the simple and popular ones. But we are going to look on all three of them.

How To Install a plugin in WordPress via Search

Step 1. From the WordPress Dashboard, navigate to the plugins area.

Search WordPress Plugin

Step 2. Click on Add New to add a new Plugin.

Step 3. Enter the desired keyword in the plugin search box. Take better insights from the below image.

Step 4. Now click on Install Button and then Click on activate to get it start working.

There we go, we have installed the plugin successfully with the first method.

Now let’s move in and check the second method as well.

How To Install WordPress plugins by uploading

Like the first method, this is also an easy one. But here we should already be downloaded the desired plugin which comes in .zip format. Let us start if you have already done so.

Step 1. Navigate towards the plugin area from your WordPress dashboard.

Upload Plugin

Step 2. Click on Add New, same as above.

Step 3. Click on upload plugin, now browse the desired plugin .zip file from your local machine.

choose WordPress Plugin

Step 4. Click on Choose File and browse the desired plugin .zip file from your local machine.

Step 5. Once file imported, Click on Install Button.

Now your required plugin will get installed in a few seconds.

Step 4. Then click on Activate, once installed.

In case if you would like to change the setting of the plugin, it can be accessed from the plugin area. Here is the video of all the three ways to you can install WordPress plugins.

How To Install WordPress Plugin Manually Through FTP Client

This process might be a little tricky and you do not want to use it on a regular basis. But it is always good to have an idea, as you never know when you might require using it.

In order to install a plugin through FTP Client manually WP content plugins directory, you should have a plugin file. And this plugin comes in .zip extension, same as the second method.

The process would be the same for premium and the free plugins or you can also Download WordPress Plugin here.

Step 1: Download any FTP Client, I would recommend Filezilla as its simple to use.

Once the FileZilla Client downloaded, we have to connect it to our domain, on which we are likely to install a plugin.

Install Plugin via FTP

In order, to do so, we need to have the FTP username and password, which is usually the Cpanel user name and password.
Step 2: Now input the FTP username and password and Click on Quickconnect.

Step 3: This FTP client will connect the domain files and the computer files and will be visible on the right side.

Step 4: Now locate this folder in that /wp-content/plugins/ which is the WordPress plugin location.

Note: This time file should be extracted in a folder, not a .zip file

Step 5: And now upload the downloaded plugin file from your local directory in that particular folder and you are done.

Step 6: Go back to you Dashboard- Plugins, find that plugin there and click on Activate.

Generally, this is not the preferred process to install a plugin in WordPress. But at times when you can’t-do it following the first two processes, this third process could have opted.

We hope this detailed step by step guide was useful for you. Do let us know in the comment section, even if you faced any issue. We will thoroughly guide you on the same.

Here are some recommended useful free WordPress plugins for your blog.

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