4 Best Managed WordPress Hosting – Worth Exploring

Modernization is enabling us to grow quicker as technology and generation improve.

Rather than going to a brick-and-mortar store, they use the Internet to grow their careers and businesses. Having a website is definitely an essential part of growing online, but you also need a safe place for your website files. Fortunately, there are WordPress hosting companies which offer Managed WordPress hosting. Among many managed hosting providers, let me run you through the top providers based on my experience thus far.

A good hosting provider can make all the difference in the long run. We provide the following information to help you make an informed decision about a managed WordPress Hosting program for your online business.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Hosting WordPress and related applications using managed WordPress hosting is a service that offers assistance.

It is possible to have WordPress hosting that is both onsite and offsite. Website owners have to install everything themselves on their own hardware in the former case, while professional services handle all the work in the second case.

These services are easy to set up, maintain, and they provide better customer service.

Advantages of Managing WordPress hosting

Managing your WordPress site is more than just finding a server for your site, though; managed WordPress hosting companies also offer you access to a team of experts who will help you to manage and optimize your site.

  • An Optimum Performance Solution
  • A superior level of support is available
  • Data centers located strategically around the world are equipped to cater to global demands
  • Creating automatic backups and mirrors
  • A Staging Environment That Is One Click Away
  • Developed with developers in mind (SSH, Git, WP-CLI)
  • A very high degree of security is observed
  • A scalability-engineered solution
  • The fastest DNS for faster searches
  • This plugin has been specifically designed for WordPress
  • A WordPress site maintained to the highest standard
  • Decreased chances of being hacked, infected by malware, and having slow servers
  • Optimized servers integrated with a cache system
  • WordPress queries were handled at a higher uptime
  • Shared IP addresses no longer exist with busy servers.

Both expert WordPress users who ought not to be concerned about technical issues and new bloggers who are just getting started with WordPress will benefit from this type of service. Since managed WordPress hosts take care of everything from the servers your website runs on to the plugins you use on it, do not need to look for another provider if you are looking for managed WordPress hosting.

Top Managed WordPress Hosts

Despite the many managed WordPress hosts available in the industry, I have found these ones to be the best. You will notice a significant improvement in your website’s speed if you host your website on any on these. Although, my recommendations are in order.

1. WP Engine

Coming up with very powerful servers and a free Cloudflare CDN system, WPEngine is one of the leading platforms that is being designed to give your business websites and eCommerce platforms a cool jack.

The hosting platform can easily withstand huge traffic very conveniently.

The presence of SSD storage for providing 10x speed is one of the other reasons why it is getting so popular these days. One of the best things about this wonderful hosting platform is that it can easily host multiple websites very conveniently.

Moreover, wonderful features like automatic daily backup, free site migration, and SSL certificates are some of the other basic reasons why it is getting popular these days.

Highlight features to know

  • Provides free site migration and SSL certifications
  • 30+ premium WordPress themes absolutely free
  • CDN included for all plans
  • Supports multiple domains hosting on single click
  • Ensures guaranteed uptime and faster loading speeds
  • One-click staging site
  • Does not include any cpanel

2. Rocket.net

By using Rocket.net, you get a WordPress platform with Cloudflare Enterprise integration. With built-in CDN and WAF, we deliver WordPress installations quickly and securely for all clients.

This awesome hosting provider includes many premium features by default.

Highlight features to know

  • A WordPress Security Suite (always on security by default)
  • Cloudflare Enterprise CDN (worth upwards of $200)
  • Complete malware protection
  • Quick and Free migrations
  • at speeds up to 3x faster than cloud providers

3. Kinsta

For small to midsize businesses, Kinsta offers excellent managed hosting solutions. Their managed website hosting services are considered to be one of the best in the industry, and they offer all the features that a user needs to be able to monitor and administer their website.

There are many features of Kinsta that make it appealing, including WordPress optimization, 100% uptime guarantee, and easy database management.

Due to excellent customer service and proactive approach to customer satisfaction, the company has been growing rapidly for the past few years.

As a result, Kinsta offers a variety of features that can be utilized by any business with a high traffic website.

Highlight features to know

  • CDN and SSL are included for free
  • We also have the most responsive uptime
  • The ability to backup automatically,
  • Technologies that are scalable
  • Secure all your sites with free SSL certificates.
  • Also, Kinsta offers round-the-clock support and 24/7 live site monitoring to ensure your website remains up 24/7.
  • Having the ability to scale up or down when necessary makes Kinsta an ideal solution for spikes in traffic and downtime.
  • Environments that are created with just a single click

4. Cloudways

A cloud-based hosting service is the future of hosting. With Cloudways, a leading cloud hosting company, you can enjoy incredibly low prices and superb customer service.

There are dedicated servers, managed servers, and virtual private servers offered by Cloudways. Multiple data centers are available to them, including ones in Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, and the United States, to guarantee a global network for their clients.

There is a wide range of features that make managing your hosting easy with Cloudways.

Highlight features to know

  • Setup of your servers is completely up to you.
  • Cloudways has a large option that comes with up to 480GB of RAM and 10TB of storage, which is suitable for those who need a lot of storage.
  • Like a dedicated server, Cloudways gives you the freedom to install any software you want.

An instant estimation tool is available through Cloudways that will enable you to identify what is right for you. A new server will be built automatically using top-of-the-line technologies when it’s selected.

Is Managed WordPress Hosting right for me?

In order to accelerate the growth of your business, having managed WordPress hosting would be highly beneficial.

Additionally, it is applied to blogs as well as to business websites. They may have started their blogging businesses on a shared hosting account like BlueHost or any of their alternatives.

But, these hosting providers are definitely a great choice for small and medium-sized companies.

Those who are setting up their WordPress blogs should consider managed WordPress hosting. They can take advantage of benefits like easy setup, security, and backup, as well as maintenance. It is worth the monthly fee that comes with it because of these advantages.

Top-Rated managed WordPress hosts

HostNo. of sites allowedDisk space
WP Engine1 (10 premium themes FREE)10 GB
Rocket.net110 GB
Kinsta110 GB
CloudwaysUnlimited Unlimited

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