WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Perfect one For You

For any new WordPress user who wants to create a website, is important to know What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. It’s always a dilemma about where to build their first website.

I hope you have already realized both are two different platforms, which sounds similar, the difference is only the extension. But the actual features makes a lot of difference between wordpress.com and WordPress.org.

Key Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

If you are in a hurry then, here is a quick comparison between both the platforms, so then you can decide, which one fits the best for you regardless of our recommendation.

What is WordPress.com?

WordPress.com comes with an inbuilt hosting but you won’t get complete freedom to create money flowing website, as it has a lot of limitations. You can upgrade for the advanced features, though, the prices are way too high comparing hosting your website on a third-party server.

What is WordPress.org ?

WordPress.org is an open-source CMS, which means the software is free to download and install on your server and enjoy the flexibility and freedom to create your blog or website you want to.

The shared servers start right from $2.95 a month. Get full control.

WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com Comparison On a Glance

Although there is a lot of difference between wordpress.com and WordPress.org. But, let me walk you through some key elements.

Use a custom domainYesYes
Buy HostingNoYes
Install themes and PluginsNoYes
Design customizationNoYes
Edit code and Add StylingNoYes
Ecommerce capabilitiesNoYes
SSL CertificateYesYes
Detailed AnalyticsNoYes
SEO FreedomNoYes
Storage space3 GBUnlimited
Membership and E-commerce SiteNoYes
Flexibility and full controlNoYes

I am sure the above comparison table would give you an idea about both the content platforms. As you can see WordPress.org provides more power and features. And moreover, you can not avoid the flexibility it offers after creating a website.

This is why I strongly to all to go with WordPress.org. As apart from the hosting support area, it has a huge community around to get help.

Detailed Walk-through WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

Okay, still curious to know more, I understand you. It’s always great to have a closer look at what each of the platforms has to offer and what they both of them are good enough for. Let’s drill this down and help to choose the best blog platform for you.


This platform is not just loved by me, but by millions of users. You want to know the fact that wordPress.org is the largest CMS around the globe hosting more than 36% of the website on the web. That a huge number for an individual product, which is in the hugely competitive industry.

There are several platforms, which can be used to create a website easily, but wordpress.org always stand out because of its flexibility and easy to use features. You can create a dynamic website, with very little effort, as it has a huge community of developers who offers their themes and plugin for free. And those can be downloaded from the WordPress repository.

Pros of WordPress.org

  • Software is Free to download
  • Use Themes and Plugins for Free
  • Easy to use (even for non-techies)
  • Flexibility and let you customize the website, the way you want

Cons of WordPress.org

  • You need to pay to the hosting provider, where you store all your files.
  • You are nee to take care of manual backups and updates.
  • You need to install WordPress, though now most of the hosting providers come with 1 click installs.

Should I use WordPress.org for my blog?

wordPRess.org being an open-source software and a self-hosted platform gives you full control of your site. That means you build a house on your land, unlike other blogging platforms.

There are several platforms to make your blog or website for free but FREE things come with several catches. Control, Flexibility, Optimization, and several other aspects. It’s highly recommended to start a blog on WordPress.org if you are serious about your business and make money out of it.


On wordPress.com you can start a blog or website for free, though it has several limitations. But, you can register for free with the subdomain given by them.

Although, there are upgrades available too, which will let you customize some aspects of your site, but can not get closer to WordPress.org features.

Pros of WordPress.com

  • Free with the basic features
  • Make Setup Easy without configuring servers
  • Paid upgrades are available

Cons of WordPress.com

  • In Free version of WordPress.com, you have to go with subdomain i.e yoursite.wordpress.com
  • Non-removal of WordPress.com branding on your site
  • comes with limited disk space with 3GB only
  • No option to monetize your site.
  • External sources, themes, and plugins can not be installed (you have to go with default ones)
  • No SEO and Analytics Control, infact quite limited

Should I use WordPress.com for my blog?

Well, this is completely a personal choice, although I would not recommend it as it will bind the growth of your online empire with a lot of limitations.

FAQ’s on WordPress.com and WordPress.org

I have segregated to commina FAQ’s asked all the time about WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

Is WordPress.com and WordPress.org the same company?

No, there is not the same company. WordPress.com is owned by a company called “Automattic“. and WordPress.org has its own company started in 2003.

Can I transfer my WordPress.com to wordpress.org?

YES, you can transfer your blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org anytime you want. Typically, those who start their blog on the WordPress.com platform sooner realize the limitation of it and eventually move to wordpress.org to get more control and flexibility.

Does BlueHost use WordPress.org or wordpress.com?

You can deploy Bluehost servers to use WordPress.org, a self-hosted platform. BlueHost is the oldest and popular platform to create your WordPress website.

Should I use WordPress com or WordPress org?

WordPress.org, it is the best Content Management System I have used so far. Not just me, the whole world experiencing it, and the numbers of users are kept on growing. If you don’t want to waste your time, go for WordPress.org.

Final Words – Which one to Choose

I have tried to walk you through all the key differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. I am sure you have made your mind. If you still need an answer for me. I would suggest going with WordPress.org, it makes the work easier and best in the long run.

Although, there is the possibility to move to any platform from any platform. Its a personal preference, but in an honest, not its just a waste of time.

Get wings for your website with WordPress.org

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