14 Best WordPress GDPR Plugins For your Website

Everyone is looking for a WordPress cookies plugin, its all over.

Well, yes its been quite necessary now to give a heads-up to the end user now that your site is using cookies serve them better with the help of a GDPR cookie banner.

There are several in the WordPress repository, which is the best WordPress GDPR plugins?

I understand the confusion is all over, as people don’t want to affect their blog speed.

Yeah, plugins, using too many plugins may slow down your website speed. This is why I came up with some lightweight GDPR plugins which shouldn’t

Best WordPress GDPR Plugin for WordPress Site

There are several GDPR plugins, obviously almost with the same name. Here is my foundation to make your website GDPR Compliance ready.

1. GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

Leading up with the very first name in the list GDPR Cookie Consent is one of the finest WordPress GDPR Plugins options that have made it easier to follow the GDPR laws related to the usage of cookies much easier.

One can easily use this wonderful plugin option for adding some sort of notification for the users about cookies being used by the websites.

The tool is being designed to scan all of the cookies options being present on your website automatically.

It is extremely flexible and compatible with plugin options that maintain a sequel audit of the consent and blocks the scripts coming towards it automatically until the user’s consent.

2. GDPR Cookie Consent Banner

I like things light-weight and elegant. hence I like this plugin a lot.

It allows you to show the GDPR banner in several positions of the website and lets you customize the colors and buttons according to your theme.

At the moment, you can see the demo on this site using the same plugin. Though there are many features, I like to make things simple. The plugin has more than 2,00,000+ active installations while writing this.

I would it is a strong contender in GDPR plugins for the WordPress list.

3. Cookie Notice for GDPR

Cookie Notice is one of the popular GDPR plugins in the WordPress repository out there. It is a DFacorty product and has more than 1+ million downloads.

It has some decent features, what such cookie plugin should have like it lets the user allow the cookie or decline it too.

And moreover, you can also place a link of your cookie or privacy policy page to make the user understand the intent of the cookies.

4. WP GDPR Compliance Plugin

Adding up another name into the list, it is a free WordPress plugin option that offers easy data storage timestamps for the users.

You can easily set up this plugin on your website and can use it as a perfect data eraser for your cookies.

WP GDPR is perfectly designed to offer notification messages to the users whenever someone wants to breach the security terms.

The tool is really a great help for all those who are seeking help for the user data request page, privacy policy link, cookie popup consent, and various other things.

5. WPForms Lite

WPForms is one of the leading GDPR plugin options for the WordPress website that makes it easy for users to get connected with the real world.

It is the source that stores the user’s data for further usage. Moreover, the tool is also helpful in keeping your content in line.

The tool comes up with a built-in GDPR compliance and hence one can easily use an interactive and comprehensive contact us page for your website just using drag and drop builder along with simpler tools.

The tool doesn’t need any coding sequence to follow in which means that one can easily work and built on an interactive webpage through it.

6. Complianz – GDPR Cookie Consent aka Complianz GDPR Privacy Suite

If you are looking for an intense security plugin option for your WordPress website, Complianz GDPR Privacy Suite is really a great option to go along with.

It is one of the finest tools that offer you the facility to enjoy notifications regarding conditional cookie warning and customized cookie policy.

Once installed on your WordPress website, it completely scans your website for cookies and social media services to keep the third party cookies out of track.

You can now easily get GEO IP cookie warning, Cookie customization notification, data entry breaches, multilingual support notification and much more using this wonderful platform.

7. Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit Premium

If you are looking for a perfect all in one solution for your WordPress website, Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit Premium is just the right option to go along with.

It not only provides you an improved integration with Google Analytics for the users but also makes it easier to receive automated notifications related to a data breach.

The tool is really great for building up dedicated boxes for cookie consents and further their addition to your website.

It is extremely a secure tool fully loaded with various basic and advanced tools that make the website development process much convenient.

8. WeePie Cookie Allow

WeePie Cookie Allow is one of the leading and very first GDPR/AVG proof automatic cookie blockier plugin that one can use on their WordPress websites.

It is a very simple cookie consent plugin option that makes it easy to comply with any of the cookie law.

It is actually a source that helps users in creating the related consent form for them.

No one site can become compliant with GDPR cookie policy if cookie consent is not there.

So making use of such a tool with modern designing is quite enough to send the cookie consent notification for your users.

9. Total GDPR Compliance Lite

If we are talking about best WordPress GDPR plugins we can’t just neglect Total GDPR Compliance in the list.

It one of the finest plugin options that make your WordPress website compatible with multiple sources and platforms.

The tool perfectly follows EU GDPR regulations just by making use of advanced cookie control option being available there.

You can now easily store any kind of d on your site or can also block them at the macro level using this tool.

This wonderful plugin option comes up with three different layouts and 30+ cookie templates that make it quite easier to easily create a fully responsive and customized webpage any time.

10. GDPR Cookie Compliance

Adding one of another leading name in the list of all in one GDPR plugin options GDPR Cookie Compliance is the solution that offers you the ability to use the GDPR tools as per your needs.

The tool is greatly being defined to send out the related notifications against any kind of data breaching.

Adding more into it, one can also enjoy notifications like cookie popup, request data archive, data rectification, documentation, DMCA, Imprint and much more whenever require.

11. WP GDPR Plugin

WP GDPR Plugin is an open-source plugin option that is being designed to make your website GDPR compliant at any time.

The tool perfectly accesses your personal data for GDPR compliance.

It is one of the best consent management tools that one can easily use as Telemetry Tracker for watching out the plugins and related data over there on your website.

Moreover, the tool is also helpful in accessing data from the admin dashboard.

The tool perfectly gets integrated with a wide range of plugins and sent out notifications consistently for the users in case of data breaching.

12. GDPR Framework

It is another wonderful WordPress plugin option in the list that one can make use of deleting or altering the personal data at any stage of website development.

The tool offers great help for GDPR compliance products and makes it easy to enable DSAR on a single page only.

Adding more into its wonderful features, the tool comes up with a very simple and interactive interface that one can easily use for installation and operation purposes.

If you want to generate GDPR compatible privacy policy templates, it is the tool one can easily integrate with

  • Gravity Forms,
  • WPML,
  • Contact Form Flamingo, and
  • Contact Form 7 to do so.


DW GDPR is another wonderful option for all those who are looking for having a plugin to make their website compliant for GDPR policies.

It is really a great tool that not only can improve the security and privacy terms of your websites by making it up to date with the GDPR regulations.

Whether you are willing to edit a portion of your web page or you are willing to delete it completely, it is the ultimate tool that will make everything possible for you.

14. Delete Me

If you are willing to delete a certain portion of data from your website, DeleteMe is just the right option to make it.

Deleting up data from a fully functional website is quite difficult. One needs to make a certain level of coding to do it.

It is really very difficult to write down a certain extent of coding. Making it easier for you Delete Me is there along with a very simple and interactive interface.

You can use this tool for deleting posts, links, and comments upon user confirmation.

Adding more into it, you can also get email notifications on the deletion of the user account from your website.

Which GDPR Plugins for WordPress You liked the most?

Yeah, I know plugins make the site heavy. But, installing GDPR plugins is necessary if your store readers with you. The above GDPR WordPress plugins are handpicked and lightweight, That means it won’t slow down your website a lot.

Make your WordPress website a GDPR Compliant Site and relax.

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  1. Hi Navin, Very useful blog post. There is a common misconception that GDPR is only for website based in EU. However GDPR applies to any website the transfers of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas. So it is important that every website owner has to comply to GDPR policies. No matter where you are based as long as your website/blog caters to visitors from EU. you have listed the some of the best plugins one can use to comply with the GDPR policies.

  2. Hi Navin,

    This Best WordPress GDPR Plugins blog post is very helpful for beginners like me to choose the best one from WordPress store.

    Thank you for sharing this article.

    Doing Awesome Works by helping others.

    Jay Panchani

  3. Thanks for the article, Navin. That’s a very comprehensive list.

    Would you consider adding WPeka’s GDPR Cookie Consent plugin to this list?

    It comes with features like cookie scanner, consent log, optional auto-consent on scroll, third-party cookie script blocker, allowing users to change cookie consent preferences, and UI customization options.

    You can learn more about the plugin at https://wordpress.org/plugins/gdpr-cookie-consent/

  4. Thanks for the list Navin,
    I needed it as right now my site is not GDPR compliant.
    In fact I didn’t even know there were plugins to help and was wondering how to do it.
    I think it’s even possible that Google can see if you’re not compliant and then filter you out from the EU markets.

    I will go with the first one on the list as it has 700 000 users and is updated.


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