3 Best WordPress Internal Linking Plugins

Increasing readership is a common goal for bloggers and content marketers through internal linking building. You should a perfect internal architecture on your site, which is beneficial in many ways for better search engine rankings.

It can be easily accomplished by linking to other posts within your own blog. Well I know you are here to know about the best WordPress internal linking plugin for your WordPress website, so that you can create WordPress internal links easily and boost the SEO. Before that you might want to know everything about internal link building strategy.

What is internal linking?

Any website search engine rankings are influenced by the content and website structure it contains. Internal link-building is a cornerstone of every professional on-page optimization strategy, which is the reason why it is crucial for search ranking.

You can create internal links between the pages on your website by placing links on the top level of those pages.

Using links to find your website’s content is beneficial to both users and search engines. Linking allows your users to navigate your site and find the content they’re looking for.

Your site may be navigated using links by search engines, as well. Without links to a page, the reader cannot find it and consume it.

How to Make Internal Links in WordPress

Internal links can be of several types. You can also add links within your content in addition to links on your menus and some cornerstone or relevant articles.

These are called contextual links. This will help the user to navigate and furthermore, they enable search engines to determine what content on your site is relevant and determine the value of that content.

As search engines rank pages based on number of links, they are more relevant and important. Good internal links make your SEO efforts more effective.

Benefits of internal Linking in SEO Strategy

When you need to get link building done on a website or blog, the best idea is to get them to link to your own website first. Those are extremely beneficial for your SEO projects.

Advantages of Internal Linking

  • A site’s anchor texts improve the user’s experience through internal links
  • The internal linking contributes to the spreading of link juice
  • Providing readers with a variety of topics to explore will keep them interested. Page views increase because of internal linking.
  • PageRank is increased by internal linking
  • Time spent on the site is improved by internal linking building
  • finally, crawling and indexing is improved by internal linking building as well.

Difference Between Internal Links and External links

An external link is a link from another webpage or website from the internet, usually of non-web-based content. An internal link and an external link are both part of a website.

Pages on your website can be linked to each other by internal links, but to other websites by external links.

We’re going to discuss internal links in this post in order to understand their effects on SEO. Links coming from the external sources lies under off-page SEO. Here is the guide, to create your external link building strategy.

Top WordPress Internal Linking Plugins to Boost Onpage SEO

See the ranking boost for your sites with these internal linking plugins for WordPress. We tried several plugin in past for our site, and found Link Whisper to be the best one so far. Hence our all the sites are equipped with it now.

PluginPriceMore Info
LinkWhisper$77Check Plugin
Internal Link JuicerFreeCheck Plugin
Internal Links ManagerFreeCheck Plugin

LinkWhisper – Smartest Internal linking plugin

Link whisper is one of the top internal linking WordPress plugin as per my experience so far. Creating internal links in WordPress is easy with Link Whisper. You can also follow their guides to know how to do internal linking in WordPress automatically and manually too.

linkwhisper wordpress internal linking plugin

Through this WordPress plugin, you will find easy and fast ways to create substantial hyperlinks in your WordPress website. Certainly which immensely beneficial in SEO passing the link juice.

The idea behind using a WordPress plugin on your website is to minimize your efforts and do something really good for your site. Using Link Whisper WordPress plugin, you can also easily build internal linking systems.


  • It introduces you to many internal links so that you don’t have to do the work manually yourself.
  • By using the free version of Link Whisper for WordPress, you can optimize your website for better performance.
  • Whenever you write a new paragraph, you are offered automatic link suggestions.
  • An artificial intelligence system is used to power Link Whisper.
  • You may find that there are dozens of links you can use.
  • Nevertheless, you can also check which pages lack any internal links.
The plugin lets you create internal links on your WordPress site for free.Premium versions of the app enable you to embed inbound internal links in old posts and pages.
With it, you do not have to build internal links manually.
Free internal link suggestion tool Link Whisper whispers contextual suggestions.
Having a strong link structure can improve your Google search ranking.

You can use our LinkWhisper Coupon NAVINRAO to get 20% Flat discount on any package you choose.

Internal Link Juicer

This is a fantastic plugin that automatically generates internal links in WordPress. There are many useful features available in this open-source WordPress plugin for controlling internal linking.

internal link juicer

It simplifies linking your pages automatically without creating a new link every time a page is added to your site. Nevertheless, link generation will be automatically initiated once the keywords have been configured.

WordPress plugin with extensive customization options. Manual optimization is also supported, but only in the pro version. In contrast, the free version is full of most of the features and functions that you need.


  • Link building can be accomplished with minimal effort to achieve maximum quantity.
  • Link-generating happens automatically after setting up the keywords.
  • Using it, you can optimize your search engine ranking.
  • You can utilize WordPress internal linking plugin to increase your website’s scalability.
  • You can completely customize the way your links are displayed.
  • Internal Link Juicer lets you import keywords automatically.
Links can be created with full control.Pro version only incorporates certain valuable features.
Easily blacklist the posts that do not contain links.
Link generation can be customized easily based on your context.
Internal Link Juicer for WordPress is a WordPress plugin that helps you maximize the SEO-potential of your website and improve the user-experience (UX).

Certainly Internal link juicer pro version lets you explore few additional features. If you are new in SEO, then FREE version would be more than enough.

Internal Links Manager

WordPress plugin with best internal linking capabilities, released as an open-source project.

internal links manager

Although the WordPress plugin doesn’t have been tested on the three major WordPress releases, it is still important to note this.

There was a level of management built into it so that internal linking can be easily managed. Using this plugin, you can easily optimize your WordPress site for search engine optimization.


  • Search engine optimization revolves around Internal Link Generators.
  • Using it for your website will enable you to receive more contextual credits.
  • All SEO considerations were taken into account when creating it.
  • An easy configuration of Internal Links Generator is suitable for even noobs.
  • The counter calculates how frequently a keyword has appeared.
  • You can limit keyword usage by setting a limit.
You can create internal links in your WordPress website so that visitors don’t leave your site.There was no testing of Internal Links Generator with the most recent three major releases of WordPress.
There are options for setting up keyword priority.
By using this WordPress plugin, finding relevant keywords becomes much simpler.
The program allows you to manually set in advance how many words should be looked at before and after your keyword.

Summary – Best WordPress Internal Linking Plugin

The above plugins are all works well. You can find free internal linking plugin and paid to in the above list.

We at our blogs are used all of them and currently using LinkWhisper as our prior weapon. That provides the best suggestion of links and allows me to change the anchor text right from the WordPress editor.

You can also use a LinkWhisper Coupon codeNAVINRAO to get an 20% discount on the product.

I was one of the early user of them, hence I know they are continuously updating their SEO linking plugin with exceptional features.

Although, if you blog has less than 50 articles you might not need it, or probably use the other free options Internal Link Juicer or Internal Links Manager.

What is your best internal linking plugin for WordPress?

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