Best WordPress Ping List to Index Blog Post Faster

You need to add the WordPress ping list to each and every blog, so that those could notify your blog to search engines. It will let your content reach to the larger audience. After all that’s what every content marketer or blogger wants.

Hence if you have a content devoid site or blog, then incorporating these ping services becomes necessary for wider reach.

How does ping work in WordPress?

It goes really simple, when you publish a blog post, WordPress pings the same to all the ping services. This works even if your modify or edit a blog post.

That means the ping services you are about to include will notify about your new published or edited blog post and search engines will index them faster.

Should I use WordPress Ping services?

Certainly you should start using Pingbacks in WordPress. Fortunately, by default WordPress is configured to use ping-o-matic ping back service to index and increase the traffic of the site.

But, adding few other ping services are being crucial and beneficial for the blog.

Isn’t it easy, WordPress will ping automatically about the newly updated or published blog post. And moreover few of the ping services below will notify the other ping services as well.

And apparently, those all will ping the search engines. That helps, indexing the blog post faster, as search engines like Google always need some fresh content.

WordPress Ping List – Makes blog post index faster

Here are the few of the WordPress ping list 2021, which will be updated with the new ones to make your blog better visibility.

I suggest to bookmark this page to view the updated WordPress ping updated list.

Copy the below ping list and paste in the settings – writing – update services from your WordPress dashboard. Follow the below steps to know more.

How to add Ping Services to WordPress?

It’s easy to add the ping list in WordPress. Thankfully, WordPress provides everything right from its dashboard.

Few steps to be followed to add the ping list in the WordPress,

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Go to settings – writing
  3. Scroll down till the bottom to find update services and copy the WordPress ping services list in the given box
  4. Click on Save Changes and you are done.
wordpress ping list
WordPress Ping Services List

These are the best list of ping services for WordPress, as said I will be keep updating with the new ones.

Frequently Asked questions – Ping services

Pretty obvious any new entrant would think, why it is necessary to adding a ping list. As to get traffic and crawled by search engines bots, they have already submitted sitemap in Google Search Console. Wouldn’t that be all.

What is WordPress ping list?

After you publish, edit a blog post, WordPress sends ping to all the other ping services that would would be adding to the ping list. Hence that will make the blog post index much faster and increase the google rankings for plenty of keywords.

What is the function of the WordPress application Ping-O-Matic?

Ping-o-Matic comes by default as pingback update service. That will help notifying the other update services when some modification or new publication done on the blog.

Well, the are several ways to make the WordPress SEO level even better and drive traffic.

As you might have understood, that add the ping services for your WordPress blog is just the initial step to way up.

Do you have any specific ping list to be get added to this post?

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